Business Rooted in Community - Why We Do What We Do

Developing an unshakeable compassion for your community doesn’t just happen overnight. It happens as a result of years of various business ventures, relationships established, and knowledge gained on the economy and environment in which you were born and raised. At least, this is the case for Rob Janicki, owner of The RJ Group.

Rob was raised in Sedro-Woolley, WA and his involvement with real estate goes as far back as childhood, when his father would acquire land on occasion to convert into strategic rental properties. When his father passed away, a family trust was set up for which Rob was empowered to find investments. This included small timberland properties, which the family trust would then sell to conservation groups. The involvement with land conservation was coincidental at first, but soon grew into a more regular occurrence. Rob enjoyed finding ways to give back to the community, a concept inspired by his own father who was known for his civic involvement.

Civic involvement has continued to be a Janicki family tradition, with brothers Peter and John Janicki spearheading community efforts through the companies Janicki Industries and Janicki Bioenergy (click here for information on the ‘Omniprocessor’, a Janicki Bioenergy invention that converts waste into drinking water). Mike Janicki, co-manager with Rob of Janicki Logging, serves on the Nature Conservancy Board and brings sustainable forestry practices into Janicki Logging’s daily operations. Rob and Mike have been managing the family company since the early 1990's and have been deliberate in adjusting their logging practices to meet sustainable forestry standards, encouraging the growth of multi-generational forests in the Pacific Northwest. Community involvement and environmental sustainability are truly a family affair.

So how does this translate to The RJ Group’s mission? “I see an opportunity to not just be in the business of building homes, but to serve a community need,” said Rob. Right now, that community need comes in the form of housing at an affordable price point, and just because the housing is more affordable doesn’t mean it can’t have a little flair. We’ve been working hard on shifting our focus to developing unique housing forms, primarily through the City of Bellingham’s Infill Toolkit, in order to create high-density communities that not only look nice, but can serve as multi-functional ecosystems within themselves. This means that residents have easy access to parks and open space, shopping, public transit, and a multitude of other conveniently located amenities.

Though the current focus of The RJ Group is on housing, it’s likely to shift moving into the future. Making a positive impact on the community comes in many forms, and we're not ones to be kept inside a box when it comes to innovating to meet the needs of the community!