Innovation Rooted in Community Values

The RJ Group is a local, family-owned residential and commercial real estate development company committed to creating distinctive spaces where people can live, work and grow. We specialize in conscientious land-use planning and development, always striving to be respectful of our natural environment and the needs of the community.

Answering a need in the market for high-quality homes and inventive workspaces that add enduring value to our region, The RJ Group handpicks builder partners and contractors that share our passion for fresh ideas, sustainability and responsive customer service. They, like us, are committed to pushing the envelope in design, incorporating forward-thinking eco-friendly innovations and reimagining properties for new commercial uses.


The RJ Group operates under a set of values that informs every project we undertake:


From the thoughtful consideration and preservation of surrounding greenbelts and wetlands to the optimal placement of windows to capture natural light and territorial views, we consider every piece of the puzzle.


In short, we love what we do and it shows in the final product.


We live and work in the communities we build in and are committed to delivering high-quality neighborhoods, workspaces and homes.


People are our top priority, whether they are an employee, contractor, partner or client.

In fact, everything we do and everyone we work with is a reflection of our mission:


Creating innovative living spaces and workplaces that insightfully respond to the evolving needs of our customers and our community.